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Angelina Jolie has shown her caring side by deeply engaging herself in humanitarian work. It is often said that celebrity retains its credibility if it is followed up by public causes and the end-result is mostly expected to be some kind of a political role. Angelina Jolie therefore is no exception in hinting one day she could enter politics. She’s just 43 and has many productive years ahead of her to prove her mettle in politics.

She is an envoy for the UN refugee agency and has visited Pakistan in relation with her work. She has consistently campaigned on sexual violence against women and has shown the willingness to go anywhere her services are needed. The Oscar-winning Jolie has in recent years visited refugee camps to highlight the plight of those uprooted by war and broadened her international efforts to protect women, working with NATO and governments to help stop the use of rape as a weapon of war. Since 2001 Jolie has been on more than 60 missions with the UN Refugee Agency. With 68.5 million people uprooted globally, she emphasises that more is needed to be done to support refugees and host communities in developing countries.

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Jolie, a mother of six who last year released her film First They Killed My Father about Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge regime, launched the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative in 2012 with Britain’s former foreign minister William Hague. She is currently working with UN aid agency UNHCR and said that this has helped her work directly with people in need. She often mentions that she has successfully worked with governments and finds it natural to carry forward public welfare schemes.

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In an interview with BBC Radio she hinted that she may join politics if need be. She emphasised that a decade or two ago she may have laughed at this idea but such a possibility always exists. When BBC interviewer pointed out that Jolie had not ruled out being one of the “30 or 40 Democrats running for the nomination next time”, Jolie simply laughed.

She, however, insisted that her work with the United Nations and other organisations enabled her to “get a lot done without a title” but did not rule out a future switch. The Hollywood star and UN special envoy has also spoken of the need for reliable media sources to combat fake news. If her switch to politics becomes reality, many expect that she will be able to deliver in whatever public position she is placed in.

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