Banjosa Lake


The beauty and majesty of Pakistan come to fore through unbelievable features of natural attraction the country is blessed with. Banjosa Lake is one of the most enticing spots that is not only rare but is also bewitchingly attractive. An extremely alluring spectacle, Banjosa Lake is a marvel that never fails to mesmerise visitors.

Adding lustre to natural scenic beauty and serenity of elevated areas of Azad Kashmir Banjosa is an artificial lake created at a height of 1,981 meters and is perched up high with its waterfalls providing means of sustenance to the residents of the adjoining areas. Banjosa Lake is surprisingly very accessible as it is situated in Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir and could be reached by a metalled road.

Its close proximity to many urban centers in the north of Pakistan has provided a very worthy relaxing point for local residents. The lake is specifically designed as a tourist resort and attracts a large number of them. The naturally beautiful locale is lush green with very clear water of the lake mirroring the surroundings.

The surroundings of the lake are full of alpine forests that are massively placed as if guarding the lake. The environs of Banjosa Lake are very soothing and provide intense solace to people. The atmosphere around it is quiet and it appears that as if it belongs to some other world. The serenity of the vicinity is immeasurable and could only be felt in its midst.

Banjosa Lake and its surroundings is a repository of wide variety of flora and fauna, some of them are exclusive to this area. The area is also full of many medicinal plants that are used in pharmaceutical products. Bonjosa Lake is a favourite abode of many migratory and local birds. The migratory birds are found here in abundance during the summer season and their presence adds colour to the area.


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