Beware learner on wheel!


Waseem Akram-in-the-making is forging ahead dangerously. He certainly does not know the rules of the game and his instructor is also pretty untrained. It is a combustible combination that has already created tremendous fury in the largest province of the country. It is not at all surprising to see the great Khan supporting his Boz to the hilt, as this is the only way he can justify his own shortcoming.

The rival factions in the province have scared the decision-makers in Islamabad simply because they know that if they give in to them then it will be curtains for them at the centre. Then there’s the smokescreen of ‘deals’ spread around to keep the politicos in suspense and keep them under pressure because a deal for someone may spell doom for the other. The rampant uncertainty is increasing by the day as different fronts appear to be opening up and some of them may be dangerously close to sanctified quarters.

In this backdrop it is indeed miraculous for the Boz to survive despite signs that he is totally bereft of learning the ropes. His continued presence is eroding high degree of political capital of the new rulers but they fear any alternative. So be prepared for a meandering vehicle that may go haywire any time. TW


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