Bragging NAB


It was bound to happen. One day the arbitrary disposition of NAB was bound to be challenged and it sure was by the defiance shown by the otherwise colourless son of Shobaz Sharif in Lahore. The worrying part was the boiling temper of his supporters who ringed his house and restrained the NAB team to nab their culprit.

It was surely a setback to the draconian authority wielded by the bureau that was enough to numb its preys whatever their position or rank in the society. That it was running amock was beside the point because its perpetrators wanted it to be doing precisely that and their adventure in Lahore was probably a typical scaring tactic but it is quite sure that they did not expect the welcome they received.

To add to NAB’s discomfiture the apex Lahore Court granted bail-before-arrest to their culprit in open defiance of the conventional wisdom. The whole drama, however, appears to be more of a command performance than a real issue as the message of the event was meant to be conveyed to someone based out of Lahore. TW


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