It was a ridiculous spectre and provided much comic relief. But the minister of water did not realise which way the water flowed. The gung-ho minister was so keen to play to the gallery that he conveniently ignored interfering in law-enforcement activity. He is a consummate showman and fits in very well with coterie of such characters surrounding our current head-honcho. His urge to become a hero quickly gave way to strong criticism from every corner and he was left with no place to hide.

The guy is completely out of depth and it shows when he unabashedly promotes controversial issues and is probably the second most-maligned minister after the current information czar. Nevertheless there appears a clear method in the madness and that is worrisome as it reveals the inner strategy of the ruling cabal that is anarchistic by temperament believing that consistent opening of fronts keeps the critics away. He devotes considerable time to talk shows and feels happy when his salvos are met by stormy reaction. He, however, fails to realise that such rants lose their star-value soon and its perpetrators end up in ignominy.


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