Chinese publicly venerate Pakistani martyred cops


Public drive

The appreciation shown by the Chinese of the brave efforts put in by Pakistani policemen who laid their lives down to protect the Chinese consulate in Karachi is indeed encouraging. The Chinese consulate general in Karachi was attacked by three armed men probably with the intention to hold people inside the premises hostage before asking for complying with their demands.

The attackers were members of BLA, a terrorist group aided by foreign intelligence agencies with a view to harm Pak-Chinese interests. The attack was aimed at harming the deepening socio-economic relations between Pakistan and China.

Due to the valiant efforts of the police on duty and also a private security guard the attackers failed to achieve their target and were killed. The flurry of defiant activity prevented the attackers to enter the premises of the consulate and in the process two policemen lost their lives. A Chinese diplomat visited the hospital and inquired after the health of the private security guard who was injured. Chinese vice consul also gave the guard Rs.500,000 for fighting bravely to protect the Chinese consulate. It was a gesture widely lauded in Pakistan.

The Chinese sympathy for their Pakistani friends made Chinese EXIM Trade Consulting Company to immediately launch a donation drive in Beijing. The drive emphasised extending financial help to the families of two deceased policemen. One family consists of the widow and two kids and the other of a widow and four children. The Chinese publicly mentioned that it was their obligation to assist the dead law-enforcers as they gave their lives while protecting the Chinese working in the consulate. They vowed that they will never allow the families of people who sacrificed their lives to face suffering.

After EXIM posted the proposition of donation to Wechat friends circle, the counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan took the lead and donated RMB 2,000. And when Ms. Cheng Wei, Chief Representative of Habib Bank Limited, Beijing office heard the news from Chinese Economic Net, she donated RMB 4,000 through a colleague in Pakistan. She said that as a Chinese national who had worked for 13 years in Pakistan, the news of the attack and the two policemen killed weighed heavily in her heart, and the donation was the least thing she can do to help.

A sincere initiative
Chinese rewarding the injured guard

The significant aspect is that the donation initiative is actively supported by Chinese people who are all praise for Pakistani sacrifice. The incident has been instrumental in reaffirming the deep roots of friendship between Pakistan and China. The efforts to deepen people-to-people contacts have proved quite successful and the recent incident has heightened these sentiments. The Chinese students association in Pakistan has also initiated fundraising among international students. Even teachers and students from some universities in China have also donated money through the association. The donations are flooding in and money transfers on WeChat are increasing fast.

Since the donation initiated, China Economic Net has been trusted by many Chinese to deliver their donation. President of China Economic Net, Wang Xudong, and its Chief Editor, Cui Jun have both donated money in their own names. The incident has touched a deep sympathetic cord in China and Chinese people are getting more involved in Pakistani social affairs.

Chinese culture is inward-looking and it is completely different than Pakistani culture but decades of coexistence have created goodwill between Chinese and Pakistani people. CPEC opened up the vast areas of economic cooperation involving physical presence of Chinese manpower in Pakistan. The Chinese feel quite easy to move about in Pakistan despite security threats to their presence. Pakistani agencies provide maximum security cover to important Chinese personnel but most of the ordinary Chinese are now usually found shopping in Pakistani shopping malls and frequenting public places.

The reaction evoked by the bravery and sacrifice of Pakistani security personnel will surely increase social interaction between Chinese and Pakistani common people. Chinese obviously realise that Pakistan sincerely views them and is willing to deepen the mutual bonds. It is a healthy feeling and it probably is the first time that friendly vibes between China and Pakistan have hogged the limelight otherwise Pakistan has been consistently accused by its long-time Western associates who just paid lip-service to the sacrifices rendered by Pakistani authorities and people for serving their interests.

In the complicated current world the public appreciation example set by the Chinese is required to be emulated. The time is for winning the hearts and minds of people as they are always the ultimate lines of defence for any country. The Chinese have displayed that they value the cooperative spirit of Pakistani people and also exhibited their resolve to stand with the people of Pakistan. This indeed is a good omen.

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