The extreme high-profile of the foul-mouthed Chohan was bound to become a national nuisance particularly when he was encouraged by the great Khan as his tiger. Such class of politicos takes pride in being rabidly unconventional and thrives on offending turn-of-phrase.

They are convinced that their tongue is their only weapon and unfortunately they are applauded by the gradually increasing band of fans who value verbal banditry. He is not the only one to have rocked the boat of decency as his superior colleague in the federation also thrives on ribaldry and has locked horns with the bosom-buddy of the great Khan.

It is not surprising that this revolting politico met his deserved end but what is worrying is the penchant for waywardness of the bloke who placed him at the sensitive position he was holding. He was expected to engage in his antics as a matter of routine but the long time he was allowed to remain engaged speaks volumes about the simmering disrespect his superiors have for their opponents.

The high-principles sprouting bigwigs running the show are singularly deprived of inherent sense of decorum and decency. Hopefully the time has come for them to clean their Augean stables. TW


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