EFU House Karachi


EFU House

Eastern Federal Union is the primary insurance concern of Pakistan having rich traditions full of exemplary professional performance. It constitutes as one of the marks of identity of Pakistan on the global stage and its specific expertise is widely acknowledged. Popularly known as EFU, the company was established in 1932 by leading Muslim visionaries, the Aga Khan and the Nawab of Bhopal. EFU carved its niche over a period of time in Pakistan and strongly competed with foreign insurance companies who held seventy five percent of the insurance business in the country prior to its powerful emergence.

EFU is housed in a building rated as a historical landmark situated in the most prestigious business district of Karachi. It is also in the neighbourhood of important official buildings such as Custom House and Karachi Port Trust. Designed and built in 1957 by Qamardin Jaffer Valliani and Qamardin Hashwani it was for some time known as Qamar House and was reputed to be the tallest building in Karachi before the construction of Habib Bank Plaza in the 1960s. Its location placed it at the beginning of the city premises and in close proximity to the hustle-bustle of business.

EFU building is an exquisite legacy of widely celebrated art-deco architecture and clearly gives an impression of sequential placement. Its construction is a unique marvel of specific angular treatment given to it. It is a perfect example of equanimity and balance and is extremely serene in ambience. It is finely tuned with the modern requirements of construction and looks very sturdy indeed. Enough space is provided for embellishing the working environs and it is full of exotic plants and flowers very pleasing to the eye and soothing to the spirit. TW


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