English Speaking Union of Pakistan hosts President of Pakistan


English Speaking Union of Pakistan (ESUP) is the offshoot of the English Speaking Union, an international charity headed by the Princess Royal, Princess Anne of the United Kingdom. English Speaking Union is a 101-years old institution established to foster bonds between diverse people of the globe speaking English language. English is now a global lingua franca and ESUP has been one of the earliest front-runners of its cause.

English Speaking Union provides scholarships to deserving candidates to quench their thirst of learning through most prestigious international institutions. It encourages public speaking skills and provides opportunities to the younger generation to intelligently formulate and express their opinions along with facilitating intellectual exchange of ideas. ESUP hosted President Arif Alvi in Karachi on a dinner at the premises of eminent businessman Kalim Farooqi that was well attended.

President of ESUP Aziz Memon welcomed the president and mentioned that he is neither a stranger to the English language nor the English Speaking Union. He said that though he has sadly missed the sensation of dentists’ drill of Dr. Alvi but his sparkling smile is evident that he is a successful dentist.

President Arif Alvi in his address lauded the role of ESUP in bringing the people of the world closer together, wishing it well at the same time and hoped that it will continue its role with greater vigour and zeal. He concurred that languages are the means of communication helping people of the world come closer.

The occasion was attended by Consuls General of the US, Japan and Bangladesh, Vietnamese Trade Commissioner, USAID chief in Karachi, prominent businessmen and members of the ESUP. TW


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