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All faiths have a provision of controlling human desire through temporarily giving up fulfilling the urges controlling human life in order to attain divine forgiveness and favour. Islam has a well designed system of fasting spread over a month in which Muslims seek divine favour by eschewing from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. Not only that the holy routine is morally uplifting but it is also widely described to prove healthy for human body from a medical point of view.

The recent medical findings substantiate that fasting is primarily instrumental in controlling Type 2 diabetes and results in reversing their dependence on insulin. The new findings report that three patients who tried this approach also lost weight and their HbA1Cs, a measure of blood sugar levels, improved. Diabetes is essentially a dietary disease and goes against the prevailing concept of rating it as strictly a chronic, irreversible disease.

Diabetes is the cause of widespread health discomfort and is known to eat out the very fabric of human body. The disease is now found in new born babies and unfortunately is not detected on time to be treated. A large number of people suffer from this disease and it is common in all genders and all ages. The majority of diabetes sufferers are known to be the victim of Type 2 diabetes and it the primary cause of kidney failure, lower-limb amputations, and adult-onset blindness.

Dietary experts are calling for more research on this topic
and are insisting that more attention is required to be
paid to this angle of treatment

The recent study is based upon an exercise in which patients were made to follow 24-hour fasts several times a week. They ate only dinner on fasting days but could drink water, coffee and soup throughout. They were all men, ages 40, 52 and 67 who were diagnosed with diabetes 20, 25 and 10 years prior, respectively. The participants had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which has been linked to obesity and develops over years due to a combination of genetics and lifestyle. In this type, the body becomes less responsive to insulin, a hormone it needs to balance glucose in the bloodstream.

The Type 2 diabetes is different from Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune condition in which the pancreas fails to produce much, if any, insulin. It was observed that subjecting people suffering from Type 1 diabetes may be unsafe due to the increased risk for hypoglycemia. But for patients of Type 2 diabetes the study reveals losing weight through fasting results in having better blood sugar control and sometimes can get off insulin if not too advanced in their disease.

Relationship with fasting
Medical findings

Many medical scientists also agree that fasting is without doubt helpful in causing remission of diabetes though it may not be the ultimate cure. While continuing with fasting it is ,however, advisable to carry on a yearly eye exam, having a screening for kidney disease and nerve damage, even in those people that normalize their blood sugars, because they may be at continued risk.

Dietary experts are calling for more research on this topic and are insisting that more attention is required to be paid to this angle of treatment. Fasting has been in a hinterland for many, many years and there is no specific data on it but the new finding is a substantive development. The current study is ,however, based on a longer duration of two years and included limited number of patients.

Experts say that instituting fasting as a medical treatment may not be very difficult because some kind of fasting is prevalent in almost all cultures. People are prone more to try to give up harmful dietary habits than becoming dependent on medicines as is evident from the widespread habit of regular exercise people have taken up after researches proved its efficacy.

Dietary experts ,however, warn of the immediate side-effects of such as headaches, fatigue, nausea and insomnia. It may also be less safe for some groups of people to fast, including pregnant women and those who take certain medications. The experts though point out that it is now necessary that these adverse effects occur and also that the percentage of people facing them may be very low. Fasting is generally a physically endurable act and with practice it can be easily practiced. The recent findings are a proof of the applicability of fasting as a potent means for countering diabetes.

Muslims the world over are very accustomed to the advantages of fasting and they fast for a full month every year with faith and perseverance. The nobility of the cause overcomes any negative consideration and Muslims regularly adhere to fasting. It is usually observed that fasting brings desirable results in the body-make up of people who regularly fast and cleanse the human system of many toxic elements thereby strengthening endurance levels of the human body.

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