Finally caught


The perennial spin-doctor is finally behind bars. He is the trendsetter of converting figments of imagination into stories and waxing eloquent about them in exclusive media talk shows. Anyone who came in contact with him acknowledged his singular lack of discretion and he himself proudly admired his extra-thick skin. When his spin started to unravel he went the predictable way of generating controversies and finally fell foul of the supreme adjudicator.

As is his wont he never conceded that he was concocting and defiantly persevered. His wayward conduct alienated all media houses who detested his eel-like tendencies and started shunning him. He was officially barred from telecasting shows which he tried to exploit as the ‘price’ he paid for freedom of speech. By this time, however, people could clearly see through him and he failed to win sympathy and support of journalists and media houses. His past ultimately caught up and his alleged misedemeanours as head of PTV landed him in trouble. Pitiably no tears were shed at his reversal of fortune and not a single soul stirred.


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