Gorakh Hill Station


Sindh is the southern part of Pakistan and located in close proximity to the Arabian Sea waters and is the logical ending of a mass of land coming down from tall mountains to sprawling plains. Gorakh Hill, however, reminds people of Sindh about their contiguity with the rich locales of northern Pakistan that boast some of the highest mountainous regions of the world.

Gorakh Hill Station is located at 95 kilometers to the northwest of the famous city Dadu. It is near Wahi Pandi village of district Dadu and it is around 500 km away from Karachi. The climate of the station is very cold and totally different from the atmosphere of other areas of Sindh. Uniquely, it receives winter and summer snow-fall. It is fantastic to discover such a cool place amidst the soaring temperatures of Sindh in summers.

Known as the paradise of Sindh Gorakh Hill Station is located at a high altitude of 5,688 feet or 1,734 meters. It is well-placed in the Kirthar Mountains and is spread over 2,500 acres (10 km2) The Plateau also serves as gateway for the villagers of Khuzdar district in Balochistan, who come over to the village for purchasing food and other utilities. It is also a gateway to the adjoining areas of Balochistan.

Gorakh Hill is a pasturing area full of difficult tracks, curvy and dangerous ways, labyrinthine ascents or inclines and intricate passes like Khawal that does not allow easy access and could be reached by four-wheel drives. The mountains were completely covered with a blanket of snow in 2008 winters surprising the local residents and prompting the provincial government to declare it a Hill Station. The local shepherds, fearing wolves, therefore, would have named it, Gorakh. It is indeed a difficult destination to reach but is a bewitching place and provides tremendous pleasure to those visiting. TW


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