Habitual hood winking


The new administration resorted to an elaborate ruse to prove that the President of the country left for a foreign visit without availing the usual protocol. The exercise could not, however, hoodwink the people who could clearly recognise the chief of protocol to the government standing next to the president who accompanies VVIPs on foreign visits.

Our clever dentist tries to take out mileage from every public event just as he did when he did root canal on his patients. He is obsessed with conveying intense notions of simplicity he has bestowed the nation with without realising that what was the point of going to Turkey when it is involved in a serious raucous with our benefactor Saudi Arabia. The financial situation of the country is described by his government as disastrous but he’s added the expenses of his visit to it.

Any prudent and caring head of the state would have refrained from travelling at this juncture and would have waited for the financial position to improve. He was also unmindful that the security considerations kept people at a safe distance from him while he was boarding and that sight is not pretty at all. It looks useless as our good doctor is immune to any sense of credibility.


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