Hunza Peaks


Hunza is internationally recognised as heaven on earth. Its ethereal beauty knows no bounds and is beyond description. It is largely unexplored and is full of natural surprises. It manifests nature in full bloom and is awesome to watch. In the exceptionally attractive mountainous ranges of Pakistan, Hunza forms the extreme northern part of Pakistan bordering Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and Xinjiang region of China. Its location is strategic as it is situated at a vital junction of civilisations. Due to its remote location it has assumed a fairytale reputation and is known to be guarding centuries of secrets.

Besides its location, Hunza valley is home to a majestic spate of high peaks rising above 6,000 meters and breaking into lustrous Hunza valley. The proximity of such high peaks is wonderfully unbelievable and adds lustre to the entire valley. The valley is surrounded by one of the rarest surroundings comprising several tall mountains including Rakaposhi standing tall at 7,788 metres, Ultar Sar at 7,388 metres, Bojahagur Duanasir II at 7,329 metres, Ghenta Sar at 7,090 metres, Hunza Peak at 6,270 metres, Darmyani Peak at 6,090 metres and Bublimating (Ladyfinger Peak)at 6,000 metres. The peaks give a majestic look and magically affect any viewer who is taken in by their exquisite beauty.

Hunza valley is a bewitching place and these wonderful peaks have tremendously enriched its surroundings. These eternally gifted peaks have made Hunza one of the most attractive places in Pakistan. It is a unique place and is without parallel. The place is worth watching.


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