Is KPK unaccountable?


KPK is now free-for-all as the ruling PTI has decided to pay back the huge favour to the province it did by electing it to power twice. The Ehtesab Commission of the province, which was already partially defunct, will now be dissolved. The good news has encouraged people all over the country and they will now flock to practically ‘illaqa-e-ghair’ or no-go land. The KP government was moving towards the goal as was evident by deciding to appoint one of their elected representatives as chairman of provincial public accounts committee.

By doing so it completely bypassed the unwritten precedence followed by the federal legislature where PTI is dragging its feet to give the office to the leader of the opposition. The irony will not be lost on people that PTI’s overwhelming slogan was accountability. Its leader reviled all living politicians and public servants of milking the country dry and ferociously vowed to bring all of them to book. Yet another U-Turn will reveal the understanding of dynamics of power according to the stymied perception of governance PTI entertains. It must be an eye-opener for all segments crying hoarse for accountability who should now realise that the present dispensation is no different than the ones in the past. It is very clear that PTI rode to power by denouncing the very people it wants now to emulate.


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