James Bond an alcoholic?


The lifestyle James Bond is seen following in his 24 screened versions points out to him being an alcoholic. His continuous drinking is now rated as him having not the Licence to Kill but the Licence to Swill! Ironically the first drink offered to him is by his boss, M, but both, however, remain not only sober but Bond’s faculties appear to get sharper. A new research brands him a severe alcoholic and suggests that he should have been provided with professional help by MI6. It rates the Martini-swilling super-agent suffering from chronic alcohol use disorder.

The study concludes that the frequent drinking of Bond is strong evidence showing his deep addiction to alcohol considered harmful for any professional conduct, let alone for a top-of-the-rank secret agent fighting for the glory of his country and unraveling serious risks to the world. He is shown drinking 4.5 times in each film and since such scenes are short in sequence therefore it is inferred that he kept on drinking for a long time.

His record binge was on a plane during the 2008 film Quantum of Solace when the indestructible spook appeared to consume 24 units of alcohol which would have left him with a potentially fatal blood alcohol level. His excessive drinking is supposed to considerably hamper individual skills for carrying out risky escapades as he does in films. It is implied that most of his dare-devil actions were undertaken under the influence of alcohol. His drinking proficiency places him in at least six, and possibly nine, of the 11 criteria of Alcohol Use Disorder indicating that he suffered from severe drinking problem.

James Bond rarely eats as comes through his films and this tendency also strengthens the diagnosis that his heavy drinking has killed his appetite. His employer, MI6, is also accused of keeping him under consistent spell of stress heightening his need for a drink. The employer should have realised that the high expectations it attaches to a single agent is pressurizing him to drink more and more. MI6 should be advised to modify the role of James Bond so that his stress level is reduced. He is required to provide more support in the field so that his duties are weighed down.

Alcoholic or not James Bond is a phenomenal sequel ever to hog the celluloid. The series of films based on him are the longest of all time grossing over $7 billion worldwide making it the fourth-highest grossing film series to date. James Bond first appeared in cinemas in 1962 and is still going strong as is manifest by his 24 films. The gadgetry employed by the agent has become legendary and fetches big amounts in auctions.

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