Kala Siah Kala


Pakistan cricket captain Sarfaraz looks the muddled type but to cast him as vicious may be stretching the notion too far. He is a simpleton who rose to national prominence due to the undue importance attached to cricket that has captivated the people to the extent that they have no clue about other sporting activities.

Sportsmen do get carried away at times because of the extreme physical and mental exertion but the legendary sportsman spirit wipes away the temporary bitterness of player’s outbursts. There is no doubt that application of political correctness has improved the atmosphere around the playing arenas globally but sometimes its rigours are taken to the extreme.

And to add to the woes is that Sarfaraz did not mean ill for the South African player. He was not even condescending except that his exposition of the complexion was a bit harsh but unfortunately there is no replacement in Urdu for the term he used.

He immediately apologised and should have been spared owing to his sincere apology and generally good conduct in the past. The cultural climate in the country is very bad currently and it may be equally stretching the notion too far if the rebuke delivered to Sarfaraz may in some way be construed as a message conveyed to some glorious cricketer of the past! TW


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