Lingering consequences


The current world is defined by virulent signs and presence of violence. The perpetuity of this phenomenon is nerve-wracking and it now appears to be overtaking all other forms of human interaction. Yellow vests keep coming back in France since many months and now justify violence as the preferable means of getting the ultimate message of their protests across. A most peaceful New Zealand witnessed an unprecedented atrocity perpetrated on the Muslim community praying in a mosque. Gunman killed two people travelling in a tram in the Netherlands. Civilian casualties in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Kashmir have become routine news and no more arouse interest. In Pakistan plenty of people lose their lives through unmitigated violence and hardly any attention is paid to their misfortunes.

It is not that the public opinion across the world is not aware of the growing violence but the problem is that it has become immune to it. The intense reporting of violence has probably created a new normal for the human race that now takes violence in its stride. Violence is now viewed objectively and not as a subjective physical phenomenon afflicting pain and suffering. It is no more taken as a repetitive human tragedy unbalancing millions of lives potentially disturbing global feelings of peace and amity. It has rendered human potential to a peaceful existence almost impossible.

Though human race has not been able to define violence in its true essence but it does understand the complexity of its nature. It can differentiate between individual and collective violence but it cannot fathom its far-reaching consequences. To exacerbate the situation are multiple reasons forwarded to justify violence and the most popular is the cause and effect relationship for it. The difficulty is that neither cause is understood in its essential nature nor the effect explained in its proper perspective. Stereotyping violence has become the standard yardstick of defining and addressing it.

The global community is at a loss to actually calculate the horrors of individual and collective violence. It cannot figure out the vulnerability of human nature that has the potential of going berserk in a jiffy. In the current scenario the human urge to stay dominant appears to be irredeemable intensely clouding the spectre of arriving at a common point from where to address the violent human streak. The possibilities of curbing violence look remote spreading a sense of gloom all around. It has become next to impossible to predict where from the next blow is going to come.

The efforts to mitigate this horrid form of human expression are few and far between. Collective attempts to address this scourge face the same difficulties as faced by terrorism whose globally agreeable definition has yet to emerge. Self-justification is the biggest monster supporting proliferation of violence and there is hardly any attempt to restrict the contours of self-justification. This problem holds good for individual and collective behaviour but there appears to be no initiative for proposing an alternative to the human urge to prefer violence over all other forms of interaction.

The world has already paid a heavy price for letting violence have its way. The global scene is mired in violence with safety fast becoming a myth. The access of violence is now universal and has not spared any part of the globe. There is no running away from it anymore as it is now everywhere. It is just not enough to condemn it because condemnation has no coercive effect. There is no use of talking against it in huge orchestrated conferences because words are not enough to contain it.

The time has come for a huge effort aimed at self-introspection on a global level. Such efforts may include individual as well as collective modes of conduct. International organisations may take the lead by convening continuous sessions where participants are encouraged to speak about their individual resentments. It should be a collective exorcism with a view to portray hidden emotions on pubic platforms with no inhibitions.

Though electronic surveillance is largely disliked but in the current situation its maximum usage is required. Satellite technology can now listen to minute conversations and this technique may be employed to eavesdrop as the notions of privacy have long been overplayed and taken undue advantage of. This is not a draconian measure as it is designed to ultimately trace the origins of violence as it takes its initial shape. Forewarned is to be forearmed and the need is to stay prepared for the eventuality of violence. There are unfortunately no short cuts now. TW


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