Massive miscalculation


Our xenophobic neighbour does not realise that Pakistani military establishment has acquired the most experience of fighting conflicts. Since the last decade-and-a half Pakistan was exposed to every kind of violent threat and it successfully tackled it. It learnt to devise separate strategy for urban insurgency, it learnt to operate in hilly regions and it mastered warfare in the vast plain. Pakistan military has developed an unparalleled expertise and knows fully-well how to engage multiple enemies.

After facing threat from its northern borders Pakistan quietly but steadfastly developed its air force converting it into a lethal arm of the military as was evident by its flawless conduct after Indian air attack. Moreover, Pakistan always keeps its antennae in place to preempt Indian moves and keeps on changing its tactics accordingly. India was surely not appreciative of the thorough preparedness of Pakistani defence forces otherwise it should not have taken the proverbial ‘panga’.

The sharp retaliation by Pakistan was certainly surprising for Indians and it made them to lose one of their senior pilots whose expensive aircraft was downed. It is imperative that India should not pay-up incendiary slogans Pakistan have given up long time ago and replaced it with intense and competent battle preparedness. TW


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