While the world has moved on the Nawab of Jati Umra has still not decided to get medical treatment or not. He was gloating over the fact that he would soon be set-free but the other side protested so vehemently to the movers-and-shakers of the land that the apex courts are now not even prepared to expedite his request for hearing of his plea.

There are also conflicting reports emerging about his mental attitude as some say that he has given up and is desperate but others say that he is taking his incarceration well and is in high spirits. There is, however, no independent way to assess what he is up to as he is otherwise known to possess a sturdy temperament and nerves of steel.

His health is now the issue with equally conflicting reports coming to fore. His recent television coverage revealed him to be radiant and well composed. People say that he has seen the worst and may now be on his way to redemption. It could be made clear if the shadows surrounding his existence and activities are removed so that the real picture emerges. TW


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