Need for convergence


The polity is yet again displaying fissures within its current make-up. The divergence of points of view of the decisive elements of the state is coming up to the boiling point. It appears that divergent interests are heading for a collision as they appear increasingly wary about the points of view of the others. The self-righteousness is oozing out with no side willing to grant quarter to the others. They all probably know that it is zero-sum game.

The problem is that all know the reasons of reaching this impasse and also know the way-out but look determined to fight to the finish. The divergence of views pertains to almost every aspect of governance and all allied matters. There are constitutional disagreements entailing levels of autonomy granted to the federating units considered favourable by some and rated inimical by others. The character and composition of political make-up is exacerbating divisions. The financial matrix has gone haywire as fissiparous atmosphere has egged-on feelings of uncertainty. The foreign policy does not appear to be realistic to many nevertheless is single-mindedly pursued. The administrative imbalances have created a governance void that is proving nationally harmful.

One spectrum of thought wants the other to concede space but it is easier said than done because the long-held control patterns do not brook even a modicum of alteration. The over-arching unity drive is creating more schism but it is simply unworkable for some to loosen the grip. The country finds itself in a flux as benefit is no more rated as benefit and is termed as unwarranted advantage.

The game is all about space but no one is willing to agree on rules of the game. The worrying aspect is the lack of a mechanism to sit and work out things. What is happening is endless repetition of moves and counter-moves aimed to discomfit the other. There are widespread parleys with neighbours and the world around but the dearth of internal consultation is indeed appalling. Almost all aspects of national conduct are given as settled whereas there are even differences over storage of water.

There were many attempts in the past to devise a mechanism for equitable distribution of powers within the polity but currently there is no tinge of interest in such vital issue. The level of alienation within governing structure is almost absolute and there is no sign of rectifying the situation. It is evident to all that a polity cannot exist in a vacuum and that, too a self-created bubble. But the shut-down of communication is getting extreme by the day.

Nation-states have no recourse but to work things out themselves within the bounds of the possible. There is no outside influence or good offices that intercede and if they do, they soon are discredited as has been proved in the past. The good has got to be taken with the bad. There are no limits to the possible provided it is explored. If it is not, then the polity encounters the danger of irretrievably harming itself.

The time has come for entering into a nationwide dialogue with the aim to break the existing deadlock. The din of threats and counter-threats is assuaging only to the ill-wishers. The country has to go a long way and the path of its development is required to be jointly determined. It should never be forgotten that there is always unity in diversity and unity alone is the ultimate guarantor of national development.

It should always be borne in mind that it is never too late to start process of mending fences. It is a worthy cause advocated by all sincere segments of the polity. Obduracy is the bane of any polity irrespective of whatever principle or achievement it is based on. Flexibility is the best of policies a national structure can practice as it is the only key to future course of national action. No one sincerely doubts the presence and relevance of all segments of the polity and everyone wants them to function together.

The need of the day is to shun hubris and hesitation and come forward for broad national consensus. It is getting clearer by the day that the issues facing the country are too complex and are required to be tackled with united resolve and broad-based consensus. The national responsibility is multi-dimensional and no single segment is ever-suited to discharge it on its own. It is a fallacy and the earlier it is shunned the better. Nothing is ever lost if it is regained at the right time.


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