Nergola Waterfall


Waterfall is a natural phenomenon that is usually breathtaking in appearance and very intricate in making. It is an exhibition of the immense power of nature that a large body of water takes the route prescribed by gravitational force and comes down in a lilting sequence. Nergola Waterfall located in Rawalakot is an exquisite example of the majesty of nature and its alluring consequences.

Nergola Waterfall is a natural cut locus of multiple springs gushing out from their moorings and engulfing a large area. The waterfall appears to have created a separate niche for itself in its surroundings as if it wanted a place of its own to fall on. The meandering pattern of the fall attests to its moods and orientation. The sequence of the flow is a treat to watch as it takes its own course as if defying the urge of nature.

Nergola Waterfall is one of the most attractive locations in Azad Kashmir and is described as a heavenly locale. The lush green valley created by the impact of spring water is extremely energising. The sound created by emanating water is very soothing and it conquers human spirit. The stony crusts from where the vegetation breaks out add value to the scenery. It is a wonder to see water making its way out of hard rocky exterior. It is a world apart as its water changes colour at certain locations and fascinates onlookers. The lure of the place is indescribable as it is designed by nature very differently.

The surrounding valley is also a piece of nature and is very energising. It is lush green full of flora and fauna making the place all the more attractive. The flora and fauna produced here are considered to be very valuable as they are used for many medicinal purposes. The waterfall is situated at a convenience distance from major urban centres and is easily accessible by road.


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