One more amnesty


PTI bigwigs now take U-Turns with fanfare couching in enviable garb the follies of the previous government that they never got tired of rubbishing vehemently. The Tax Amnesty Scheme of the government was badly mauled by both great Khan and his so-called financial wizard as a ploy to legitimise the stolen wealth of their predecessors. It is widely believed that PTI’s vow to reverse the Scheme when they came to power was greatly instrumental in discouraging the business class to take advantage of it.

Now faced with the reality of situation they have not only gladly bought the FBR scheme but have gone a step further by undertaking to prosecute tax evaders if they fail to avail the scheme. The financial wizard is quite glad that his tough policies have already unnerved the business circles and openly boasted that it will come running to embrace the Scheme because it knows that the government will punish him for not doing so.

The financial wizard sounds to be more of an SHO than a sophisticated CEO of a multinational and it seriously raises questions about the business acumen of the multinational to hand him over its control. The new Scheme is planned to be rammed through a presidential ordinance as the great Khan is wary of testing the fuming waters of the parliament. TW


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