Passu Glacier


The northern areas of Pakistan are blessed with tremendous natural beauty and are largely uncovered. These areas are a gift of nature to Pakistan and are not only a beauty to watch but also provide life-sustaining facilities. The area is the hub of high-peak Mountains and icy glaciers that supply water sources to a wide area surrounding them. The water-flows from these glaciers constitute most reliable sources of water in Pakistan. These water-flows sustain agricultural production in Pakistan that is the mainstay of Pakistan’s economy.

The recent findings are that the increase in global warming is affecting these glaciers and they are slowly melting. However, the melting process is quite slow and may offer tremendous opportunities to preserve water flowing out of these glaciers. When these glaciers melt the water-flows are enormous creating flood like situation in the plains following the raised mountainous areas. Due to lack of storing mechanism, plenty of water flows down the Arabian Sea and is therefore wasted.

Situated amongst a bevy of natural majesty, another wonder of nature, Passu Glacier is a valley type glacier in Hunza Basin about 15km upstream of Ataabad Lake, having a length of 26 km and covers an area of 63 sq km, having ice reserves nearly 10.89 cu km. The area covered by Passu glacier is indeed wide and there flows a beautiful lake close to it. The surroundings are lush green producing some of the most-demanded medicinal herbs.

Passu glacier is one of the white glaciers in Hunza valley across which Silk Route passes through and is ringed by Karakorum Highway. Passu Glacier is situated in the south side of Passu village. Passu Peak is situated in the back side of the glacier. As steady and stable agricultural production requires constant and sufficient melt-water supply from glaciers and snowfields therefore the melt run off from Passu glacier sustains and nurtures crops and orchards of the valley. The Passu Glacier is more pleasing to the eye with more alpine surroundings and a gleaming greenish-white appearance.


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