Raining jobs  


The frolics of hi-fi PTI leaders have now assumed legendary proportions. The standards they are setting will be difficult to beat even by the cocky political community. Faisal Vow-da is certainly neck-in -neck with Fawad Chaudhry as both of them are master-boasters but Vow-da has the edge in being quite close to the great khan.

He is otherwise more showy than his fellow-minister and shows no qualm in flaunting his wealth and indulging in dare-devil pursuits. The recent pronouncement of Vow-da that in two to three weeks job-opportunities will rain down in the country was, however, not only beggared belief but also comes into the domain of misleading people. He never qualified his statement by divulging the source of the job-rainfall and also did not say how it is going to be made possible.

The current depressing economic atmosphere is hardly capable of producing a flow of jobs unless it is done through the tried-and-tested governmental method of overstaffing the official ranks but such a ploy would certainly be objected upon by the IMF that is already showing annoyance over the hefty payments made to employees of public sector enterprises. But Vow-da is blissfully unaware of anything happening around him and is hopelessly inebriated by the strong power-intoxication. TW


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