Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Plant Baldia Town Karachi


Pakistan acutely suffers from lack of water particularly drinking water. The water scarcity has become a serious issue affecting the entire country. Though Pakistan has abundant water resources stretching from the north of the country to the southern access to the Arabian Sea, the country suffers from water scarcity.

The problem is surely man-made and it is the lack of a coordinated water management and provision system that has brought about this difficulty. The authorities have now woke up to the urgency and that too on the goading of superior judiciary and it is expected that things might start to change.

While there is scarcity all over the place but areas near the sea are particularly affected by salty water and the residents are constrained to drink this highly contaminated water. It is so bitter that many residents fall ill after drinking it but in the absence of clean drinking water they are condemned to drink t.

Not only that the quality of water is very poor but it is instrumental in giving birth to polio virus as it is a water-borne disease. Therefore, clean drinking water, clean environment, good hygiene and improved sanitation are keys to prevent transmission of the polio virus. Pakistan is one of the two countries of the world that still suffers from polio virus and international efforts are underway to eradicate this scourge.

Rotary International is actively engaged in polio-eradication efforts and takes all-round efforts to fight the disease. In this connection, and also that many of the backward communities lack basic civic amenities, Pakistan National PolioPlus Committee in collaboration with Coca-Cola Pakistan, UNDP and GWC initiated a project of installing solar and Reverse Osmosis water filtration plants in polio high risk areas.

This time round the efforts were focused on Baldia Town in Karachi that is a thickly populated district with more than 55,000 people of diverse backgrounds residing there. Baldia Town, Union Council-2 in Karachi is one such area where potable water is not available for domestic usage. The available ground water is saline due to the proximity of the area to the sea.

Along with Rotary and its allied partners, the All Baldia Memon Jamat is working voluntarily in the area and has a well-established infrastructure for health service delivery for inhabitants of the area. Baldia Memon Jamat offered its premises to install RO Filtration plant. The United Memon Jamat arranged funds from its own resources to dig a tube well by boring in the premises to provide water for RO water filtration plant. The Jamat also provided space to construct a room for installation of RO plant and water delivery section outside the hospital to enable the community to access drinking water.

On Saturday, October 20th, the joint efforts bore fruit and inauguration of the RO plant took place in Baldia Town. Deputy Chairman Senate of Pakistan Senator Salim Mandviwalla along with National Chair PPC Aziz Memon and DG Rotary Irfan Qureshi inaugurated the RO Water Filtration Plant. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Asalif Demissie Team Leader Sindh WHO, Ashfaq Memon Vice President United Memon Jamat, Haji Haroon Halari President Baldia Memon Jamat, Shahzad Memon, Pervaiz Madarsawala, and many stakeholders of the area.

The plant is a huge facility for the local residents as it has the capacity to provide them potable water. The installation of the plant has for the first time provided them clean water to drink and also use for other domestic requirements. All participants tasted the water of the RO plant and verified its good quality. The occasion was greatly appreciated by the deputy chairman Senate who specifically lauded the efforts of Rotary and allied institutions.

NPPC Chair, Aziz Memon is a dedicated philanthropist and it is basically due to his efforts that such welfare activities materialise. He has very ably devised a team of dedicated philanthropists including Irfan Qureshi and his associates in the wide Rotary network. They have been successful in obtaining cooperation of many multinationals that willingly help them in their efforts. Coca Cola Pakistan is especially instrumental in providing necessary assistance whenever required.

Deputy Chairman Senate of Pakistan specially came for this occasion and lauded the efforts of the organisers. He mentioned that lack of water availability is a matter of national concern and assured that his efforts are always there to provide assistance in such ventures.


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