Second IG to bite the dust


It appears that the head-honcho of the country is testing the limits of his authority otherwise why would he whimsically shift IGs of Police of Punjab and Islamabad. He has been blocked both times by judicial action confirming his doubts that the alignment he suspected is surely intact determined to thwart his authority.

The surprising thing is that why is he acting repeatedly in the same context while knowing that they’ll boomerang? May be he’s cleverly conveying a message to his side of the divide that they’re in the same boat and that he’s quietly resisting. May be his side of the divide is acknowledging his message by getting out of the stupor after failing the electoral test. The head-honcho is clever, no doubt, and believes he can turn the tables by being offensive-defensive at the same time.

It is a good strategy to come out a martyr but how would the ‘others’ of his side of the divide accommodate him is the tricky question. They have their turfs to defend and their goals to follow. It looks difficult if all could gather together despite the similarity of hard-learned lessons. They may temporarily cooperate but will never concede space to him when the time comes.


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