Sheeday’s dilemma


Sheeda has lost his way. He’s definitely not content with whatever he got although he got much more than he deserved. He wanted the coveted interior ministry with vengeance in his soul. To add to his woes his sworn enemy was entrusted with the highest legislative accountability body denying him the chance to punish his adversaries as the head of punitive set-up of the land.

He feels no compunction in defying his leader who has elevated him out of political obscurity. He overestimates his role as a loud-mouthed guest of TV talk shows who got a kick out of his heightened sense of the absurd. He fails to realise that his TV ratings were limited to the pre-electoral rumpus and that there is hardly any need for him anymore.

He is devoid of any team spirit and tries to cultivate an image of a supra-national figure and behaves like one. The only one who appreciated his talent was the kindred spirit of the great Khan who may, however, soon get exasperated of his verbal barrages. TW


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