Shingrai Waterfall


Pakistan is full of exquisite natural beauty that is second to none in the region. The crown-jewel of the northern areas of Pakistan is Swat valley that is undisputedly rated as a piece of heaven on earth full of breathtaking views and streams of pristine water. The entire valley is extremely alluring and gives an impression of intense serenity. Its vast grassy grounds are soothing to the eyes and helpful to health.

The thick forests surrounding the area are rich with tall trees and flowers. The flowing water in this area is part of a course that is connected with different rivers and streams. The water level usually rises in midsummer as glaciers melt due to growing heat. People prefer to stay away during the period as melting glaciers make swimming and other activities more difficult.

Shingrai waterfall, at the foothills of Dwasaray peaks is located about 20 kilometers north of Mingora and is the best thing to watch and experience. Its serene and cool locale energises visitors who are never tired of visiting the area.

The huge waterfall gives a roaring sound amid gigantic hills overlooking it mesmerizing onlookers. Perched between two mountains Shingrai waterfall is a majestic reminder of nature that bewitches visitors. The noise of the falling water harmonises with the chirping of birds creating an unparalleled impact. The natural demeanour and sequence of Shingrai is only to be seen to be believed.

The flow of water coming down from the height of 35 meters surprises people of its symmetry and regularity. The healthy water has made the vicinity full of green shrubs and enticing flowers. It is also a sanctuary of exotic birds who visited it from far away areas. The plants grown around the waterfall are of medicinal value and are widely used for medicinal reasons.

It is located at a close distance from Mingora and it is easily accessible by road. Its easy access allows people to throng it in droves during summer season.


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