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Inauguration of RO Plant

Inauguration of RO Water Filtration Plant at Punjab Colony, District South, Karachi

Punjab Colony is located in District South, adjacent to a most posh area of Karachi but deprived of all basic civic facilities. Clean drinking water is the most urgent need of the area where no water available or whatever available is not safe for drinking purpose. The vast majority of the inhabitants, some 40,000 are mainly Pashtun and Punjabi speaking migrants.

Poor hygiene and sanitation conditions give rise to substandard quality of potable water. There is no clean water source available. As per need assessment of the area digging of the boring tube well was carried out to make water available for drinking purpose. The dig of bore well was completed in two weeks at the depth of 120 ft. Due to the close proximity to the sea, the boring found a channel of water.

However, the quality of water was unfit for human consumption due to high TDS level. Therefore a RO water filtration plant was suggested to filter the available water and make it suitable for drinking purposes. A class of 90’s Dow Medical College raised the funds to install a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Plant in the vicinity for the underprivileged population of Punjab colony.

An inauguration ceremony of the RO Water Filtration Plant was held on 9th December 2018 at Punjab Colony district south Karachi. The ceremony was jointly inaugurated by National Chair Aziz Memon, Representative of Class 90’s Dow Medical College Prof. Samina Aziz and District Governor Irfan Qureshi. Rotarians PP Masood Bhalli, PP Iqbal Alvi, PP Ashraf Ghori also attended the ceremony.

Dr. Samina Aziz pressing button to start the plant
Handing over of symbolic key
Offering Dua

National Chair Aziz Memon and Prof. Samina Aziz presented a symbolic key of the RO Plant to Muhammad Maroof Khan, a local influential and responsible person of the area. Maroof Khan committed that he will bear all maintenance expenditure of the plant and ensure its safety.

Asher Ali, Project Manager gave a brief about livelihood of the area and need of safe drinking water. He added, the availability of clean drinking water will reduce water borne diseases among children and improve the general health of the people living in the catchment area.


Tariq Jamsheed gave details of RO Plant. He said that the plant has latest machinery and it will deliver 3,000 gallons clean water per day. He said two persons have been trained to operate the plant for its operation & maintenance.

Maroof Khan , thanked all those who contributed to install the RO Plant in this area for supporting this initiative of providing safe drinking water and again ensured its proper maintenance and utilization for the poor people of the area.

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