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Recognition of front line workers/polio awareness seminar in Khairpur

The President and members of Rotary Club of Khairpur Date Valley organised a recognition/award ceremony combined with a polio awareness seminar on Monday, 17th December 2018, in Khairpur. The President Rizwan Ahmed, and Rotarians deeply committed to the cause of polio eradication initiated this program to acknowledge the hard work and effort of the polio frontline workers, in the polio eradication program. The event was held in one of the oldest school’s in Khairpur called Naz High School, built in the British era and once that was considered the largest in Sindh.

National Chair Aziz Memon and District Governor Irfan Qureshi participated in the program, with the Deputy Commissioner Abdul Fatah Hulio, DHO Muhammed Hussain Abro, THO Dr. Aijaz Samo, Zonal Manager P.P.H.I.A Dr. Zeeshan Mangi and Zonal Manager P.P.H.I.B Arif Abbasi. The members of the three Rotary clubs in Khairpur participated as well as Rotarians from RC Sukkur.

The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by the National Anthem; a welcome speech by the DHO Khairpur, who was the Past President RC Khairpur as well. He appreciated the role of Rotarians in the polio campaigns and said there are 8 other Taluka’s, and this seminar should be replicated in all 8 talukas. PP Shujat Siddiqui – RC Khairpur, said he will coordinate with the District Governor to set dates for the other seminars. The Deputy Commissioner spoke to the participants, followed by the District Governor.

In conclusion the National Chair Aziz Memon, who was the Chief Guest at the ceremony, addressed the seminar and elaborated on the ‘role of Rotarians and their participation in the NIDs; doing health camps in backward communities and the positive sample detected from Sukkur. He urged Rotarians to monitor their districts and check for coverage during the ongoing campaigns.

Awards and shield were distributed to vaccinators, front line workers, DC, PPHI and volunteers who make the campaign a success.

Hi-Tea and light refreshments were served to the participants after the program.


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