Soon Sakesar Valley


A liltingly natural tenement Soon Sakesar Valley is like a chalice surrounded by rolling unsymmetrical green hills presenting a breathtaking vista. Soon Valley is situated in the north west of District Khushab and begins from Padhrar village and ends at Sakesar which is the highest peak of Salt Range. Located at a height of 5,010 feet (1,530 m) above sea level, Sakesar, the highest mountain in the Salt Range looms over Uchali Lake and the length of the valley is 35 miles and average width is 9 miles. Soon Valley has much scenic beauty, with lakes, waterfalls, jungle, natural pools and ponds. It is the only mountain in this part of the Punjab which receives snowfall in winter.

The valley is a repository of rich history as it was reportedly inhabited by Muslims right after the conquests of Sultan Mahmood of Ghazni in 997 AD. Mughal Emperor Babar passed through the valley in 16th century during the course of his military campaigns. The Janjua clan is also known to have settled in the area during that time. Awans also were settled in this area known for their martial spirit and strong discipline.

Known for its natural beauty the valley provides a unique sanctuary to a host of migratory birds in winter. It is a valley of lakes and springs, lush green fertile fields, versatile mountains, amazing landscape, dense mixed forests, sanctuaries of wildlife, brave peoples of high traditions, rich archaeology, pre-historic sites and ancient history.

Lake Uchhali, full of brackish water, is also situated in the area. This picturesque salt water lake is looked over by mount Sakaser, the highest mountain in the Salt Range. Jahlar Lake is another serene lake in the valley and it is accessible from Nowshehra as well as from Sargodha. These lakes attract thousands of migratory birds each year including rare white-headed ducks from Central Asia.


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