The SSP and China Pakistan Eternal Conjugality (CPEC)


The gun-brandishing superintendent of Police immensely fascinated a Chinese gentleman who hurriedly sent a marriage proposal to her. He actually fell for the posture without taking into account that it was a make-do arrangement as she and her party reached the scene after everything was over. Pakistanis have a hang-up for heroes and now got a double-edged heroine who was widely feted though she had done nothing. But it is all immaterial as the Chinese gentleman is besotted by the super-policewoman and wants to tie nuptials.

If the proposal is accepted then it will be a fascinating match further cementing higher-than-mountains Pak-China friendship. It will also be a great boost to CPEC, the essential part of Bride Reclaiming Initiative (BRI), a global connectivity exercise. Unfortunately the proposal missed the 100-days deadline of PTI agenda but omens are that the government may take up this proposal officially with Chinese President Xi (pronounced ‘She’). It is a god-given opportunity for our PM who is an expert in marital matters and will dash to Beijing without further ado as this is surely a chance to prove his prowess.


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