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Digital cameras

Technology advancement is taking place at a staggering pace and whatever is used today becomes outdated tomorrow. The ingenuity of technology experts is difficult to curb and they keep on making improvements in day-to-day gadgetry. The last few decades have witnessed remarkable inventions in technology and have also seen them equally quickly disappear into something more viable and effective.

Digital cameras were a novelty sometime back but now that phone cameras can shoot pictures and video in HD, clunky digital cameras will fade out of style. Soon, no one may be able to remember what a digital camera looked like. The time has come to keep information in ‘the cloud’ that will wipe-out the highly used hard drive. This valuable physical storage devise will be soon become part of the past.

Generations have relied on paper maps that have been helpful in guiding people to their destinations without much difficulty. Now step-by-step Google maps have removed the need for carrying paper maps. Fax machine was a wonder when it first came out three decades ago and has lasted long but they are gradually fading out as reliance on paperwork is fast receding.

Hard drives
Paper maps
Fax machines

CDs were a rage once but people rarely buy music anymore, much less in any physical form. Streaming services are the way of the future that have already started replacing CDs. Calculators were a must for almost everyone and sold in millions but now phones have a calculator built in, reducing the need for this clunky device that only does one job. Alarm clocks are also on their way out as most phones now come equipped with alarm clock, stopwatch and timer built in as well.

Reference books
Cheque books
Alarm clocks
Remote controls

Getting landlines was very difficult in Pakistan at one time but now it is slowly fading away. PTCL offers very attractive packages but there are hardly any takers. Home landline numbers are on the wane and almost all households now are taking advantage of wireless. Buttons on phones are now being replaced and some Android models are coming in without buttons.

Reference books are also on the way out as the internet has brought all facts on the fingertips. There is hardly any use left for keeping voluminous dictionaries and encyclopedias. The most remembered gadget remote control is soon to give way to voice commands and smart-phone controls become widespread ways to operate devices. Charger cables may also not be needed further as they are going wireless with charging pads entering the scene.

Car keys will soon be a gadget of the past as many cars have now developed apps that allow cars to lock and unlock doors. Travel agencies are losing their efficacy as it is computerised travel booking system that is slowly taking over the task performed by travel agents. Textbooks will be the biggest casualty of technological advancement as they will soon become obsolete. Same is going to happen to paper-receipts as digital receipts will replace them. Cheque books will also become part of history as online banking is gradually taking over.

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