Trump knocks Modi to senses


Trump hugs and hugs. No one knows what he wants to convey by his hugging diplomacy. His hugs display more of revulsion than exuding warmth. His in-built cunning and ruthlessness could not be concealed behind his fraternal mien and he cannot befool people for long.

This is precisely what Trump conveyed when he brashly decided to sever the important trade concession provided by America to India. It was a massive concession that was brutally used by Indian trade that was taking huge benefits out of it. Trump’s action has taken wind out of high Indian economic sails and portrayed it as taking undue advantage of favours doled out by its trading partners.

Indian industry strenuously lobbied for preventing the Trump administration to withdraw the lucrative concession without realising that Modi was tightening the screws on American trading houses. It was expecting too much that the US will ignore protestations of high-level American trading concerns such as Amazon and Visa against high-handed Indian regulations that Modi has unveiled to control foreign trade.

This is precisely what the US has done as it has similarly tried to regulate the potential disadvantage to American trade. Indian government was left with no option but to downplay the American withdrawal of concessions after its efforts to stop it from coming failed. What you sow, so shall you reap. TW


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