What you sow so shall you reap


Years of slanging has now boomeranged. The ruling party legislators are reaping the whirlwind of the wind that sowed. They are unable to be at peace particularly in the large Punjab Assembly where they are always ringed by protesting legislators. The PMLN and PPP cannot be blamed for creating disturbance because they want to pay PTI in the same coin.

There is not much to learn as shouting comes naturally to humans and they have just added to the ranting they have been subjected to. That such behaviour is used as a political strategy has given it a pathetic shape and no one realises that it is self-defeating in the end. The legislators on both sides of the divide are totally oblivious to the senselessness of the exercise and are bent upon continuing it.

The national legislature is also feeling the heat of protesting parties and finds it difficult to conduct any legislative business. The situation is ripe for a big showdown as the temperature is gradually rising. Unfortunately, the top leaderships of political parties are encouraging their members to keep up the pressure with the result that slanging matches have become a routine. They do not realise that they are helping the anti-democratic forces.


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