Who’s next?


This was precisely the moment dreaded by the politicos. Aleem Khan is one of the credible figures in Punjab who has been nabbed. He is a high flyer and harboured high ambitions. The action is taken to create an impression that all are equally in the eyes of law but the beauty of nabbing him is that the finger would be pointed out towards the strings being pulled from Bani Gala and all the discredit will go there.

It may be taken as a favour by operators well-versed in running things through dispersal of largesse at a large scale as they had done in the past and to encourage them to mount a challenge as they are not very far from it. It will also convey to the other elements, considered recalcitrant, that the noose is tightening around them rattling their support base.

It is a never-ending game because it suits someone who is not openly in the arena. It is getting cumbersome for all shades of political elements to stay clear from the morass because there are rings within the rings to net-in anyone and everyone. Like everyone else in his field, Aleem Khan had to pay the price for his political ambitions. TW


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